Playpen Elite Expands Inventory to Offer Wider Selection and Expansive Range of Products Playpen Elite is pleased to announce that they have expanded their inventory to offer a wider, better, and innovative selection of playpens for toddlers and growing children. Playpens are extremely popular for keeping infants and toddlers safe and out of harm’s way when the parents or caretakers are away or occupied in the kitchen or elsewhere. However, the traditional playpens have their own limitations such as smaller play areas which usually limit a child’s exploratory skills. So, here are a few unique and innovative solutions with a modern twist to the traditional playpens. Playpen Elite offers its playpens keeping in mind the inquisitiveness and activeness of children. Each and every product featured at Playpen Elite is designed to develop certain skills in children. The playpens are huge enough to insert extras such as mini-trampolines, accessories, toys, and many more. There are themed playpens too such as the Elite Baby Play Yard at $139.95 that keeps children safe with a spacious and soft play yard. Available in blue and red options, this product is made up of stainless steel tubes for added stability and durability. It is spacious enough for both the parent and the child to spend playtime together. The hoop and soccer goal are added attractions which encourage the child to run around, jump, throw and indulge in a good dose of physical activity. “My son is obsessed with your playpen and so am I!!! 5/5 stars and it was so easy to put together”, says Channing N, a happy parent. All the playpens come with a convenient and safe see-through mesh which allows parents to take a quick peek or watch their kids while they play. The play yards are pretty much DIY and super easy to install with just a few basic instructions. “Easy to set up. Plenty of room for the child to move around. Easy to clean. My granddaughter is happy while she is playing in it. Able to walk around the inside getting her prepared for her to walk.”, says another happy parent Wendy T. The playpen bundle with a play mat and a bag of 100 pit balls is the best-selling product here priced at just $179.95. While the playmat is a great companion for hardwood floors, the colorful pit balls take the enjoyment to a whole new level. The icing on the cake is that these playpens are extremely easy to maintain, clean, and sanitize. To learn more visit Playpen Elite started as a local enterprise with a passion to provide parents with premium playpens. In just a short amount of time, these playpens gained immense popularity due to their innovative and safe designs; and demand has since started to soar from customers worldwide. They now provide direct shipping to customers within the USA and Canada. These playpens are designed with artistic flair and craftsmanship to offer the best playpen experience for little ones around the world.